September 1, 2015

Circus Life in Pakistan

Being the only cheaper and affordable medium of recreation & entertainment, circus in Pakistan has wide following. A handful of circuses exist in the country among which Lucky Irani is the only fully developed form of circus that can boast of recognition worldwide and talent of an international magnitude.

Though the circumstances weren’t very encouraging and this form of performing art had slim chances of growth and development., Mian Farzand Ali endorsed to revive and develop it through an incessant belief in the moralistic and educative attributes of this art form which prospered and flourished under his guidance.

The future of circus in Pakistan have bright prospects provided the government plays its part by lending facilities and aid to promote this medium of entertainment. Being an underdeveloped country replete with all sorts of economic problems, it is quite hard to run a large circus set up like the one seen at Lucky Irani. As such, by joining hands we can change the course of circus history in Pakistan.

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