LUCKY IRANI CIRCUS is a Traveling Company Show who gave dimensi
ons to performing arts. Due to quality entertainment LUCKY IRANI CIRCUS is now tu rned into an International Brand of quality entertainment and traveling show services.
Till now LUCKY IRANI CIRCUS has conducted millions of exciting shows with a fan base of more than two million captivated viewers all over the world due to quality entert ainment shows at optimum charges.
All Sponsors and Supporters that join LUCKY GROUP OF COMPANIES
family becomes a part of this success and an important part of LUCKY IRANI CIRCUS
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businesses with an excellent return on investment. Our packages offer our sponsors brand exposure through a variety of mediums includi
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In doing this, you showcase your devoted involvement in supporting the local community and LUCKY IRANI CIRCUS. our business will enhance brand and customer awareness. With a support base of over
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Lucky Irani Circus (Traveling Company Show) is the brain child of MianFarzand Ali who gave dimensions to performing arts through his home made picture productions.
His drive for creating excellence in performing art never ceased and with
passage of time he established Lucky Irani Circus” as the one acclaimed for
winning hearts of millions through quality entertainmen
The secret behind the success of Lucky Irani Circus is the contributions of skilled artists and performers too. This canbe denounced from the fact that the audience of Lucky Irani Circus comprises not only entertainment lovers from limited class of people but also grabbed likings of those who belong to bureaucracy, establishment, and other literate social masses. Till now Lucky Irani Circus has conducted millions of exciting shows with a fan base of more than two million captivated viewers all over the world due to quality entertainment shows at optimum charges. The animals used by Lucky Irani Circus for quality entertainment includes lions, stallions, giant elephants,
bears, camels, monkeys and lengthy king cobras. Some of the shows involve “Single Wheel Cycling”,
“The Lion Act”, “The Riding Chempenzy”, “Unbelievable Aerial Acts” etc. The Chempenziuses unicycle and walks over a soccer ball without slipping. Elephants though being large give an amazing
look while performing different feats. Horses perform freakish circular movements there. Man and Lion rock and roll together to stun audiences. All of these animals are properly fed and managed (during show) by expert trainers to ensure not only entertainment but both security of animal and viewers. The floodlights, glaring bulbs, the announcement of ring master, the leap of viewers from seats due to joy, the clowned jugglers using unusual object wearing ill
fitted garments with painted faces, the knife throwing, axe walk, the final salute of performing crew etc.
all comes into play to add more to the beauty of circus. In a nutshell the future of this industry (not only in Pakistan but also worldwide) is secure as long as the brands like Lucky Irani Circus exist


The idea of Lucky Irani Circus was born in Lahore
1969. Our Circus is not far away from touching five decades during which it has
been successfully putting up breathtaking shows where the spectators just don’t
want to blink and such appraisal have resulted in its popularity around the
globe. LIC has touched the hearts of 3.5 million viewers by putting up 40,000
exciting shows spanning 18000 days till date and counting, keeping the
Pakistani spirit alive by diversity, death-defying bravery, and a fair go for


Our vision is to spread happiness and inspire our audience to follow their dreams. We know this is a very big challenge to accomplish by performing arts, but we believe it ́s important to set our goals high and we think the combination of impressive circus skills, humor and the intensive interaction with the audience on stage is a very good toolbox to deliver the message we believe in.


The Lucky Irani Circus is dedicated to the following goals:

  • Presenting our art to children and adults in many settings throughout the country and theworld; sharing performances with our audiences that delight the heart, elevate the spirit, and inspire the soul.
  • Providing an artistic home and opportunities for creative growth to the artists of the Circus, so that they can and will make a career with this Circus;
  • Supporting the life enhancing and community building work of other nonprofit organizations through collaborations and benefit performances;
  • Ensuring the cultural and ethnic diversity of the Circus’ performers, staff and company leadership; and,
  • Managing the Circus and its business professionally and opportunistically, with sound fiscal oversight and an emphasis on diverse sources of income


LUCKY IRANI CIRCUS provides access to the most sophisticated and dedicated arts and entertainment fans:

  • Approximately Circus is functioning 360 days a year
  • Number of shows performed per day is 2-5 (approximately 1100 in a year).
  • No of spectators inside the circus per show is 2000 to 5000.
  • No of spectators outside the circus per day is 5000 to 6000.(Due to circus associated entertainments)
  • 70 plus traditional events (MELAS) covering the whole of Pakistan.
  • Formal attendance at public events such as EID UL AZHA, EID UL FITAR, INDEPENDENCE DAY etc.
  • 8000 plus ave per day attendance (approximately 3 Million per year).
  • 300 officials and dedicated support personal.
  • Most dedicated of entertainment fans, Young 45% aged between 16 to 30, 33 % between 31 and 45.
  • 73% male and 27% female.
  • 70% rural and 30% urban areas.